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Welcome to the Google Street View Update Tracker. This tool tracks Google Street View updates by regularly checking imagery dates and comparing them together. Data is checked daily at 8pm UTC and the process takes around 20 minutes so it may not be visible before 8:30pm UTC.
If a date changed then something happened:

The tool supports all countries with official Google Street View imagery starting from 2020/12. Countries are listed according to ISO 3166 codes. Countries such as Costa Rica, Madagascar, India or Egypt are not listed as there is no regular Street View coverage, only small collects.

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- data is now saved as one file per day so less data is loaded by users
- data display is now limited to 2 days (up to 5 days), with controls to navigate in the past
- new changes in Street View are now saved in a dedicated file, which will be used to display update contents easily in the future
- initial release

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